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Venus-Pluto (the overbearing mother)

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Venus-Pluto (the overbearing mother)

Beitrag von Tigerin am So Nov 05, 2017 2:50 pm

© 2017 Tigerin

The following applies to tension aspects (Conjunct, Square, Opposite) between Venus and Pluto in the natal chart.

Venus-Pluto tension aspects in the natal chart are similar to Moon-Pluto tension aspects. A lot of what applies to Moon-Pluto, also applies to Venus-Pluto, meaning it's advisable to read the Moon-Pluto post. http://forum-der-esoterik.forum-aktiv.com/t811-moon-pluto-natal-aspects-friend-or-foe-there-s-nothing-in-between

Moon and Venus both stand for the mother, how she behaves toward the child. Moon and Venus (especially the aspects!) show the true character of the mother.

With Venus-Pluto, the mother is intrusive and evil, especially regarding anything physical (body shaming etc.) and money-wise.  Twisted Evil

The mother won't grant the child any privacy (the door must be open at all times, the child has the mother standing behind him/her when brushing his/her teeth, the mother opens and reads letters that are meant for the child. In other words: The mother of Venus-Pluto is breathing down the child's neck. In the worst case, with Venus-Pluto, the mother is extremely physically abusive (beats up the child, or worse).  :nudelholz:

The mother of Venus-Pluto puts the child down, often with mean comments about the child's physical appearance (“Your thighs are too fat.” etc.). Venus also stands for money, meaning it's not uncommon that the mother of Venus-Pluto steals the child's money, for example, alimony payments, or withholds money.

Venus DOES NOT stand for love. Venus stands for women and money.

Sharing private information, or other backstabbing actions, will immediately be punished by the Venus-Pluto (or any Pluto) person with the breaking off contact.

The most important thing in general when it comes to Pluto-people (= tension aspects from Pluto to Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, and Square the Ascendant/Descendant, or MC/IC = 10th house/4th house) is that when betrayal, or some other kind of evilness takes place, you can forget about ever reconciling with them. Pluto is unforgiving. The traitor will get cast out and all the bad luck in the world will be wished upon him/her.

Moon and Venus do not only concern the mother, but women in general, as well as money.

For Venus-Pluto women, as well as Moon-Pluto, the topic of female friendships should be approached with great caution. Mainly, if not completely, they should befriend only other Venus-Pluto and/or Moon-Pluto women. IF you befriend a woman who does not have Moon-Pluto or Venus-Pluto, at least make sure she has any Moon-Neptune aspect (Neptune = Compassion) or a tense Moon-Mars aspect.

Many women are hostile, domineering and evil toward a Venus-Pluto person. They plot against him/her, and in the worst case, never let go, meaning they are obsessed with him/her, just like the mother is.  Twisted Evil

These women, like the mother, feel threatened by the Venus-Pluto person. Without a rational reason. Women who sabotage Venus-Pluto or Moon-Pluto are through and through diabolical. Entitled divas who expect others to bow down before them and accept any behavior. They want to see Venus-Pluto beneath them, have power over him/her. That is why Venus-Pluto should all the more let women feel his/her power.

Most men who have a Venus-Pluto tension aspect (or Moon-Pluto) in their natal chart (or Pluto in the 7th house or square the 7th house) often come across domineering women who plot against them (especially if these men are very young, under 30 years). These evil women, for instance, “accidentally” get pregnant, follow him around everywhere, or marry for money, and then play victim.
These evil, domineering women use the guy in some way and bully him. :schimpfen:

When older (over 30 years old), some of these men are more cautious and with luck and knowing the red flags (controlling behavior is number 1!) will only be with good women. Of course, it also happens that many of these men never change the pattern. Which is to “live” Pluto yourself.

However, even if a person (man or woman) with Venus-Pluto, Moon-Pluto, Pluto in the 7th house or square the 7th house, breaks the pattern, he/she will still never be friends with a woman, or be with a woman, who is overly nice and sweet. Assuming that she's a good person, she will be very strong-minded and have no problem putting someone in his/her place.

At the worst, these men will come across abusive, crazy women, and at best, strong-willed and firm/tough. Men with Moon-Pluto, Venus-Pluto, as well as Pluto in or to the 7th house, Venus in the 8th house, Moon in Scorpio or Moon in the 8th house (Venus in Scorpio is the least evil) are not interested in women who are too nice and sweet. Unless, of course, too much pain and craziness occurred, and they break the pattern, but again, not under 30 years old.

Men with a tense aspect from Pluto to either Moon and/or Venus, or Pluto in or to the 7th house must be extra careful when it comes to women. It's better for them to surround themselves with Pluto-women. They can empathize.

Venus also stands for money, meaning a Venus-Pluto person (Pluto in the 2nd house is similar) will experience powerlessness regarding money matters. Either there is a compulsive need to spend money as soon as it's earned, or they get their money stolen, or in another way withheld from them. They have to fight for their money.

With Pluto, it's not about little things, or silly disagreements, but evil exploitation and scheming against the Pluto person. For example: women will make sure Venus-Pluto loses his/her job, or make sure the entire circle of friends turn against Venus-Pluto (for no reason! - this is caused by manipulation from women toward Venus-Pluto or Moon-Pluto, as well as it gets supported by ignorance or following the herd mentality.

Pluto must not be underestimated and should be “lived” by the person him/herself.

It can be very dangerous if Pluto tension aspects don't get the attention and caution they need, which is unfortunately often the case. Statements such as “There are no good or bad aspects” are not only false, but mostly come from people who either have no mind of their own, are afraid to disagree with others, or simply know nothing about astrology, even if they claim they do.

Let me give an example of how Pluto needs to be “lived”: A Mercury-Pluto person is best at writing, or in another way, communicating, BUT it has to be in a violent way, meaning writing about violent topics or in a Pluto-way. In-your-face writing, discovering secrets and hidden things. The choice of words or tone of voice should be direct, blunt, even brutal (Pluto-people in general are very direct and honest. They hate phoniness).
Writing thrillers or about dark topics regarding any kind of violence or power imbalance, becoming a lawyer, writer, or journalist etc. In general having a sharp tongue and exposing secrets or the harsh truth about something. If a Mercury-Pluto person does not “live” the Pluto-energy him/herself, it will be experienced from “outside”, meaning coming from other people.

Rarely, if ever, do people say or know this, but I do:






Beast (= Pluto).





Messing with a Pluto person is something to think twice about. Many of them are not only unforgiving, but believe in revenge, no matter how long it takes them to “restore the balance”.  :fresse dich!:

Venus in Scorpio or Venus in the 8th house are similar, but a lot weaker. (Moon in the 8th house or Moon in Scorpio is much worse than Venus in the 8th house or Venus in Scorpio).

© 2017 Tigerin

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